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Pocket Physics

Pocket Physics is a physical construction kit for your pocket. You can design scenes freely by drawing things with the stylus. Things can be solid, like ramps and floors, or dynamic, like balls or boxes. Like in The Incredible Machine, you can reset the scene, change it, and start the simulation again. It's even more fun if you have a DS Motion, which can be used to control gravity!

Screenshots and videos

Playing domino
Making seesaws
or cars
or playing with ragdolls
the loading dialog
For some moving pixtures, check out YouTube.

Physics Library

For this project I ported the Box2D physics library to the DS. Thanks a lot to Robert Kavaler for helping with this! Our fixed point and DS fixed are now official part of Box2D. If you want to use physics in your own DS projects, check out the Box2D source from SVN (instructions here), and check this thread for the latest patches.



Version History

v0.6 (2008-03-15)

v0.5 (2008-02-22)

v0.4 (2008-02-08)

v0.3 (2008-01-27)

v0.2 (2008-01-03)

v0.1 (2007-12-23)

Credits and thank yous

Pocket Physics stands on the shoulders of giants. The following giants to be precise: